About Posh Pets Spain

Dog Grooming for a living

We offer four types of dog grooming training courses in Spain designed to meet individual needs in an English run working dog grooming training salon. The main difference is you will be have a fabulous “Working holiday” here in Alhaurin El Grande on the Costa del Sol away from the manic life you probably lead in the UK or in other parts of Europe. This will ensure you concentrate on your dog grooming learning experience which will be fast paced, varied and interesting but you will certainly be in a better climate which will make your “FREE” time seem like a mini luxury holiday.

Whichever dog grooming course you choose your time will be spent working with the dogs, applying grooming skills as they are acquired and perfecting those grooming skills throughout the duration of your dog grooming training. We emphasize precise artistic work.

Our training courses in dog grooming allow for a limited number of students per course which ensures intensive and individual tuition. Students work with the most up to date equipment in a large air acclimatized dog grooming training room. Experience in grooming a wide variety of breeds & cross breeds will be attained. As you can see our dog grooming courses can be tailor made to suit individual requirements.

A life changing career move can be yours.

Our Credentials

Rachel who is the main dog grooming trainer has been in the “Dog World” since she was born attending her first dog show at just 10 days old. Most of her family are also in the “Dog Business” in the UK, showing, working, judging & training as well as having large Pet Care facilities.

Rachel opened her first pet grooming salon in the UK in 1995 & opened her second pet grooming salon which became a pet grooming training centre in April 2004. Posh Pets Spain was then born in May 2006 and she never looked back. Posh Pets Spain covers everything you could ever need in the pet industry. You could not have a better more experienced teacher.

Rachel also has a City & Guilds /NPTC Advanced Dog Grooming Certificate.


All original e.mails, letters or questionnaires  from students for the testimonials are always kept as records & available if ever requested.

Course date: 30th January 2017
I was taught to a very high standard, Rachel made it very clear in explaining things. I am confident with the grooming techniques used and two dogs was more than enough to have as models in one day. Very pleased with the variety of breeds, I do not feel I have missed anything.
I am confident now to clip and scissor pets on my own. I have a business structure in place and excited to get started with it.
I have enjoyed my time at Posh Pets and Rachel is such a good trainer, she makes you feel comfortable and confident in what you do, lovely lady and i feel that if I have a problem I can call her for advice. Thank you Rachel and not forgetting Victoria.
P.S I still cannot believe what is involved in grooming and Rachel covers everything and answers any questions thoroughly. x
Cathy Chandler from Essex, UK completed the 10 day Groomers course January/February 2017
Course Date 30th January 2017
The standard of teaching was excellent. The techniques for grooming was varied and thorough. Really good range of breeds, would be very difficult to fit anymore in in 10 days. I am definately confident enough to scissor and clip on my own.
I am ready to put into practice everything I have learnt and been taught. I have a business structure in mind when I get home.
In house Accommodation:
Excellent accommodation and lovely food, just too much. Thank you Les!!
I was made to feel very much at ease, with comfortable surroundings and an environment that has given me confidence in your teaching Rachel. I would recommend to anyone!!
Angela Ellis from Worcestershire, UK completed the 10 day Groomers course January/February 2017
I found the standard of teaching very high. The course is intensive. That is what I signed up for and that is what you get!!

The course is hands on from the start, this gives you the confidence as you see your own results. Of course there will be breed types that will be new to us but I was constantly surprised by the variety of dogs used on the course. I am ready to scissor & clip on my own dog and clients pets. I am confident in the use of all the equipment. I have a business structure all in plan now. I was very happy with the accommodation and very happy with the food. Day 1 we learnt to prep, bath and groom a beautiful Estrela. By day 9 I prepped, bathed, clipped & trimmed a standard poodle!! Amazing!!

I will have achieved my goal when “The Dog Hut” is fully booked.

The course has been everything and more than I hoped it would be. I have also had my eyes opened to this beautiful part of Spain.

Thanks again Rachel & Les x
SUSAN MERCATI FROM CHELTENHAM, UK completed a 10 day Groomers course 6th June 2016 to 18th June 2016
I thought Rachel taught to an exceptional standard and was always happy to help. I learnt so much in the time here it exceeded my expectations. Learning in a working salon and the variety of dogs was great and I do not think I missed anything in the training. I am definitely ready to clip and scissor in on my own. I have a good knowledge of tools now and I know how to use them. I have a mobile grooming business ready to start with all the help & excellent tuition of “Posh Pets Spain”.

Thank you so much for your kind help, understanding and care. Excellent tuition and would recommend to anyone.

Thanks again Rachel & Les x
DIANE WARBY FROM TRING, HERTFORDSHIRE completed the Groomers course 6th June to 18th June 2016
The standard of teaching in the second week was good, I felt supported and was given clear instruction. To be trained by a perfectionist is hard but good. I am confident although I will definitely practise before starting on my own. I feel I have been shown a fantastic range of techniques at a good speed. I was more than happy with the range of breeds and a good range of temperaments. The help given with what to buy, what not and helpful tips were brilliant.
No improvements it was absolutely lovely, welcoming, comfortable great.
The accommodation was fantastic- the food was just so much!! I completely feel I have achieved what I came for. Thank you so much you are both lovely people, a loving family and I feel honoured to have worked with you.
Sandie x
Sandie Coulson from Minster, Kent, UK 10 day groomers course 8th June 2015
The course was consistent on a daily basis, very good, easy to follow and in a comfortable environment. One develops self-confidence and experience. As for the speed of training the pace was acceptable to meet my memory re-call. A variety of breeds, not sure which one may have been missed. There was definitely ample opportunities to use scissors and clippers. I feel confident and aware of the use of equipment.
I do not have a real business structure as yet but am aware of what changes are required to make on setting up my business long-term. The accommodation was a very “happy home” and a welcoming family. Les the chef was as good as Gordon Ramsey!!
Had a great time, would have enjoyed more time spent with the dogs in the Dog Hotel helping to wash out, feed etc… I think it would be a good opportunity for students to develop skills and confidence in handling and conversing together, building a healthy team spirit.
Thanks Dympna
Dympna Mc Hale from Ireland
10 day Groomers course 19th October 2015
Coming to Posh Pets for the 2 week Hair off the Dog course, I was expecting to be worked hard - and I was! I had no previous grooming experience, but Rachel is a very competent groomer and mentor, so even though we hit the ground running with practical training from day one, I felt comfortable. The practical training took place in a real salon environment under close supervision and guidance, so I did not only gain technical skills but also an insight into the day to day workings of a salon business. The coverage of the course was broad, as I would work on dogs from start to finish, with a variety of breed, size, coat types and client requirements. In addition, Rachel is full of industry insight, and her advice and knowledge that she shared will help me in my career. At the end of the course I was exhausted, but left feeling confident about starting my own grooming practice. I learned first-hand that grooming is hard work that takes care and dedication, and I hope that I now have the building blocks to begin my career and grow and develop as a groomer. Considering that I had no previous experience in grooming, to have the confidence to go ahead speaks volumes about the quality of the course. For anyone taking this course, I would recommend listening and observing as much as possible, taking notes and photos, and asking questions!

Regarding my overall stay - I honestly was not expecting to enjoy the 2 weeks as much as I did. I stayed with Rachel and her husband Les. Staying at their property meant that I did not have to waste time commuting on daily basis, and could directly unwind after a long day of training. My room and facilities were lovely. The location is gorgeous, lush and green. I loved the fact that I could eat fruit straight from the trees, and enjoy the company of the various pets that live with Rachel and Les. The food was homemade and prepared by Les who is an excellent cook, coming up with something new every day, and making the effort to provide me with vegetarian meals. I really appreciate how welcome I was made to feel in their home. On the days off I travelled, Malaga is nearby and well connected by rail to the surrounding cities.

I came to Posh Pets to learn, which I did - and in addition, I met many lovely people in a beautiful setting. I feel inspired and positive about my future in grooming and will look back at this experience with fondness. Thank you for everything Posh Pets team!
Finnish student Elina Virtanen from Abu Dhabi
10 days Groomers Course 5th April 2016
Excellent standard of teaching. It was very precise & to a high standard. The speed of teaching was perfect, I am confident with the grooming techniques I have learnt & hope to build on my own confidence in time. We had a good range of dog models for training. I would have liked a full face clip but appreciate that I was doing the 10 day course & there are not too many full face clips around. I am so looking forward to heading out on my own. We have been taught to use all the equipment & tools well. Now I know at least what I have already bought!!
I have a business structure in mind and cannot wait to start.
The accommodation was lovely, the range of food was delicious although I am a fussy eater, I ate everything.
I feel very happy that I came to Spain to do my course. I feel that I came to the best place & it was a big step for me!! I feel I have learnt everything need to but I am slightly annoyed with myself that I always second guess myself & stress out but with more time & practice I am hopeful my confidence will grow.
I would just like to thank you all for making me feel so welcome. Rachel you are brilliant at what you do & hopefully I will be in time.
October 19th 2015 – Louise Thomson from Scotland completed the 10 day Groomers Course.
The standard of teaching was pretty good, I am now absolutely confident with grooming techniques.
I was happy with the range of breeds that I trained with. I am ready to clip & scissor in my own home environment. I feel totally confident in using the tools & equipment for a dog salon, I have learnt more than enough to get me started.
The accommodation was lovely, lovely place, lovely people, just perfect.
I feel I have learnt a lot and in a way that suits me. Looking back at the first day of the course I am totally on the right way to achieving my life's goal and that is thanks to you.
Everything was great, thank you all so much for the course, sharing your knowledge and having me in your home.
Vasilis Portokalis (Bill) from Athens, Greece Course date: 11th May 2015 - 10 days Groomers Course
I am very pleased with the level of standard, approach, level of teacher knowledge and " hands on " approach that was given. I feel very confident with all that I have learnt so far regarding techniques however I will need to expand my theory knowledge in the future.
The speed of teaching was okay but I must say I am very happy to have the opportunity to work on such a variety of breeds for the " beginning" of my new job. I do not think I missed anything.
I absolutely feel that I am ready to clip & scissor in my own environment. The teacher explained clearly about the tools - what to use and when - what to do & not to do with some of the grooming tools.
I am very grateful that teacher shared with students all the important information regarding the " grooming" business in general, for example how to start, how to save on starting costs and ensure a steady revenue, how to equip a salon at minimum cost etc..
I feel wonderful !! I had in my mind to do this course for a while and now I am very grateful to get this opportunity. From the first day on I knew what was expected of me and teacher took the time to explain and to ensure the students have confidence while applying various techniques. I feel confident to groom dogs on my own so my goal is achieved !! It is a wonderful teaching environment, very useful tips on how to start a grooming business and how to use all the tools and equipment.
I would definitely recommend this place for Grooming Courses & Animal Hotel services.

Thanks Rachel for Everything

P.S A BIG THANKS to Les for picking me up & dropping me off each day after the course !! This place was truly " Heaven on Earth" to me.
Alisa Hozo from the Netherlands who completed her 10 day grooming course which commenced on the 11th May 2015
I felt the standard of teaching was excellent. I feel a lot more confident now I have completed the course. The range of pets was good. The only breed I did not do was a cocker but that is because I have several cockers at home to practice on.
I feel I am ready to starting grooming/clipping straight away, I am now confident in using all the grooming tools & equipment. I understand all that they are used for.
I have a rough idea of a business plan now as well.
When I started the course I was a little nervous that it was going to be all too much for me but now completed I feel so confident that I can start my new career.
I loved it so much I did not want to leave!!
Alice Morley from Cumbria, England Course date 16th September 2013 ( 10 days groomers course)
The standard of teaching was good. I liked the fact that it was hands on from day one. I enjoyed the teaching method, it was excellent.

The speed of teaching was excellent. We were given grooming tools on day one so it was a quick start to learning which then gave us plenty of time to pick up techniques and tips. I think we were given a fair range of breeds to train on from small toy breeds to giant breeds with different coat textures & styles too.

I am happy to scissor & clip on my own. There was good guidance and business ideas. The accommodation was very comfortable, I had everything I needed to chill out. The quality of food was very good & very healthy.
I have no regrets in choosing to attend the course at Posh Pets. I am taking away with me a lot of skills that I have learnt in the salon. I liked the fact that there was only 2 students at one time so individual attention was always given and I had plenty of opportunity to use the equipment.

I like the fact that the salon continued to run normally with clients as our training took place as it gave me the feel of what it is like to work in a salon on a day to day basis.

Big thanks , I have absolutely enjoyed my stay and would like to attend my final week in the near future.
Naomi Richardson
Naomi Richardson from Malta, 16th September 2013 - 10 day Groomers Course
Rachel was always very helpful and always showed us different ways of doing the job. The pace of teaching was very good, every day we learned something new and still practised what we had learned in past days. We went through many breeds & I feel that I covered everything.

I am definitely ready to scissor & clip on my own. We were taught how to use multiple tools which helped a lot with the all groomings breeds we covered.

I am much more confident now & I can totally do this on my own.

The accommodation was excellent. The quality of food was amazing!! I came here to Posh Pets with a goal & I am very grateful I came to learn at Posh Pets!!.

Thank you for all the teaching, patience & the food!!
Raissa Bonnici from Malta 3rd March to 21st March 2014
What's about me...well, I'm very good. I have rented a place already.. I'm waiting for my grooming tools and making some refit now. Can't wait to start, will send you pictures when it will be done :)
Thank you again for an amazing three weeks, it was at the highest level, very friendly but professional. The food was sooooo good and that orange juice in the mornings...ech...miss it so much. Say hello to all your dogs and cats from me :)
I'm very happy that I met you and did a course at Posh Pet Spain. Take care. Sincerely,
All in all the grooming course has been a great experience in a lovely place with lovely people.
Kornelija Eidukeviciute ( Grooming Course 3 week student from Lithuania March 2013)
I found the course & the standard of teaching very good. After basic training then straight onto working on pets this was very, very pleasing. The range of breeds used for training was fine & I know if I have any other questions I can just pick up the phone.
I am ready to clip breeds on my own and planning my future in grooming. The use of tools in a working environment makes the pressure of the tools more easy to understand. I have nearly finished my business structure but if I need any more help I am sure I can ask Posh Pets.
The accommodation at Posh Pets was " Bloody Great" " Less Chocolate" !! Nothing needs improving here. The range of food was marvellous, some great, healthy & tasty food. Wine not bad also!!
Only critism I would have is to MAKE lazy students clean & respect their working environment- Live in the real world!!
I feel that now I am more sure of my future in the pet care, the knowledge I have gained has given me the confidence and guidance to pursue my new venture. The hospitality was amazing, Les & Rachel were both so welcoming and helpful, much more than expected. A Big hug & thanks, you really deserve a fantastic future.
Keith Alford (3 week Professional Course March 2013 from Worcester/London)
I think I was well taught, including lots of useful handy tips, by the end of my 5 days I was starting to feel quite confident (but more practice would be better – I would have liked another 5 days). I think the speed of teaching is fine. I had a good variety of types of dogs to work with in the time I had. I do feel I am ready clip (but will start with relatives/friends' dogs before the general public!)
I do feel quite sure about using the equipment and also about which things to buy for starting out. It was useful to get some business and marketing advice – some good ideas for getting started.
I was very happy with the accomodation and the food was honestly great – lots of variety and all really nice. It was quite a big step for me to leave the family behind and do the course and I'm very glad that I did it. I was sure I would like being in an animal environment again (& I did) but wasn't sure if I could really imagine myself doing grooming, but now that I've done the course I think that I would like to make a go of it, and also that I could do it.It has been inspiring to see what you have built up and what can be achieved.

All in all the grooming course has been a great experience in a lovely place with lovely people.
Jen Campbell from West Lothian, Scotland completed a 5 day grooming course 27th October, 2012
The standard of teaching was excellent, I feel confident enough to start grooming dogs on my own now! I am confident with all the techniques shown to me. The speed of the teaching was perfect & the 10 day course was just right for me. There was a great variety of dogs to groom which helped me no end, I was impressed with the variety of dogs. With all that I have learnt I am now confident to get back home and start on my own customers dogs. Rachel showed me the variety of tools & equipment necessary & I am confident in using them. I most definitely have a business structure in mind.
My room was lovely and quiet and very clean. It was superb. The food was awesome! It cannot be improved.
From the very first day I learnt how to wash and dry a dog properly, clip the nails, clean the ears...I learnt something every day. My confidence has built up over the ten days and I feel as though I have achieved what I set out to do thanks to Rachel.
Really glad I came to Posh Pets to do the course, value for money is excellent, lovely family & home, felt really welcome from start to finish. Would recommend Posh Pets to anyone who wants to do the course.
Kay Barber from Dubai - 26th September 2012 - Dog Groomers Course
The standard of teaching was FAB! Better than expected! The speed of teaching was very acceptable, it was slow enough to catch on but fast enough to keep me on my toes!
I was very happy with the amount of different breeds etc.. Would have liked a little more experience with cats but I understand time would not allow. I will practice on my own pets & friends pets when I get home before I move onto clients pets. I am very confident with the grooming/clipping equipment that I was shown & I know how to use the equipment properly.
I have a business structure in mind with all the help given. You gave me some great tips!
The accommodation I was very happy with, if anything the air con unit could be moved away from the bed a little bit but other than that everything was fab! The food was delicious ....I wish I had a bigger tummy!!
I was unsure of what to expect but Rachel made me feel a lot more confident as the weeks progressed, I found myself doing things without asking for help by the end of the course. There are no other comments I would like to make only thanks, everything was great! Loved the nights out ( Especially the cocktails in Puerto Banus) Thank you, Thanks for having me, I will miss you all so much ...Sara x
Sara Cinnamond, Three week Professional Groomers Course, 16th July 2012 from Belfast Northern Ireland.
The standard of teaching was excellent with a lot of patience. The speed of teaching was great, I was very happy. The range of breeds was so good & I know I have not missed anything, I am ready to clip & scissor myself confidently & this course is also good for confidence! I was happy with the variety of tools & equipment that I was taught how to use. I feel I have a business structure in mind now, I am on my way to achieving my goal, Rachel has given me the confidence to live my dream again, I am now ready to start living as I should.
An excellent relaxed atmosphere to train in with " fun " thrown in with Les. - Wonderful couple make a great team & make a lovely couple!! ( Singing lessons for Les tho!!) LOL xx
Annas dream soon becoming a reality with " Naughty MUTT Nice" in Northern Ireland.
Anna Smith from Northern Ireland, 10 day Groomers Course 25th July - 7th July 2012
Start of Course 18th May 2012 (3 week Professional Groomers Course)

(Facebook message on POSH PETS SPAIN facebook page 18th June 2012: Thank you so much for everything! It was the best thing we have ever done. You made it so enjoyable and taught us so much. The best teachers ever. We are so sad to be home and wish our course never had to end. Anyone thinking of doing this course , just do it, because PoshPets teach you so much to the highest standard in a lovely environment. x.)

I feel I was taught to the highest standard, I am confident with what I have learnt & the speed I am at is acceptable after 3 weeks but I am hoping that with more practise I will become a bit quicker with feet! I have learnt so much in these 3 weeks with the amount of different breeds which covered short and long haired breeds & cuts on breeds to detail & a high standard. It is great knowing that if I have a problem Rachel & Les (Posh Pets Spain) are there to help by phone or e.mail. Each piece of equipment I was shown in detail, even equipment that you are less likely to use I was shown in full detail. I came here with no premises or equipment & Posh Pets gave me all the advice I need & with their input they have helped me save money before I start. I cannot fault the accommodation on-site or the food or how welcoming everyone was. It is such a lovely place to live & learn. As a vegetarian it is hard for me to eat out anywhere but much to my surprise I was fed better here than at home – PERFECT! There is so much to take in within your time here. I feel I have learnt a high standard of grooming & hope to be as successful & as good as Posh Pets Spain. I have achieved so much & hope that my standard remains as high as our teachers at Posh Pets Spain. I would just like to thank Posh Pets Spain for everything & I am so glad I chose them to study with.
Sasha Marie Clarke ( Rochford England)
(with friend Tia Perrin)
Course 18th May 2012 ( 3 week Professional Groomers Course)

The standard of teaching was very high & felt comfortable being taught by Rachel. The techniques taught were to a very high standard & the speed of teaching was perfect. I groomed different breeds & coat types which is a lot more than I imagined. I learnt all the different techniques of clipping & scissoring & feel more confident than I did when I started. I feel confident using the equipment even down to holding the equipment correctly to aid perfection. We have a business structure in mind & Rachel has given me lots of business tips & it does not seem as scary now. The accommodation here was lovely & had all the essentials needed. It was much more equipped than any hotel I have been to. The home cooked food was lovely we had a different meal every night & day & for 3 weeks. It was very enjoyable. I was very nervous first of all & I did not ever think I would be taught to the standard I have been. I feel very confident with handling dogs now & look forward to starting my own business & giving pet owners the satisfaction that their pets are in good hands. I have had an amazing 3 weeks here in Spain at Posh Pets. You have taught me so much & thank you for letting me into your home & being so welcoming. I hope other students appreciate what you offer as much as I have.
Tia Perrin ( Essex, England)
(came with friend Sasha Marie Clarke)
I feel I was taught to a very good standard, the teaching was very individual, I feel confident as the teaching was very individual, I think the speed of teaching was acceptable. I had more or less many Schnauzers but the range of breeds in general was very good. I definitely feel that from what I have learnt in my time here I am ready to clip & scissor pets in my own environment. I liked the accommodation very much. The fridge was loud sometimes but that is a detail. I was very happy with the food, I have to go on a diet now.. The first days were not that easy for me but I think this was because English is not my mother tongue. I feel very confident in working as a groomer. I didn’t expect it to be such a hard work, but it is a rewarding kind of work and the time with you was the change I needed in my life. I reached more than my goal. The work with dogs changed my mind in many ways. I had a great time and I hope that many more people will study in your grooming academy and spend some time in your little paradise.
Manuela Haldimann from Switzerland 19.03. – 31.03.2012
Throughout the course the standard of teaching was excellent & to a high standard, the techniques & speed of teaching suited me perfectly. I groomed a wide range of dogs & different coats, I absolutely feel that I can clip & scissor dogs on my own. The equipment used was explained very well & everything I will need was there. I have been given a solid starting point from which hopefully I can make a successful business from. The accommodation was brilliant, no complaints about the food all very nice. I feel I have enough knowledge & confidence to either open my own salon or work for a dog groomer! Although the course is hard work & I am a bit knackered, I enjoyed every minute, I would not change a thing!!!!
Lynn Ramsay – took the 10 day Groomers Course (from Stockton on Tees, UK September 2011)
Both the standard of teaching & the level to which we were taught were excellent. I am confident with the techniques & the speed of teaching; I covered a wide range of breed styles & coats & feel confident I did not miss out on anything. I am very much ready to clip & scissor. Everything was first class. Everything I learned was invaluable & exceeded my expectations. The accommodation was first class although I have eaten far too much. I did lack confidence in my own ability before I started but surprisingly for me I now feel confident in myself. Thank you. Thank you, the whole experience has been amazing & a thank you to Jasmine for making us welcome & Les for the funny jokes!!! Thanks again you are all stars & it was amazing.
Andrew Banthorpe- took the 10 day Groomers Course ( from Stockton on Tees, UK September 2011)
I really enjoyed the course and I am so pleased I chose to train with Posh Pets Spain because I feel I have learnt so much from the intense training, it is not for the light hearted but I loved the hands on training which the way I learn far more easily is. I have the dog’s chest bones etched in my mind, from the mistake I made. I have seen a dog which came straight from the groomers and its paws were disgusting! (They were definitely not taught by you, Rachel ). Les was a great help and it was great to see it’s not just an all female environment; it’s a dog loving environment that is more important. It was great to work with Mandy, there are very few people with such a lovely aura, and Jasmine is a lovely girl and I hope she passes her bike test. My plans are all the same and I am hurrying slowly. First year Gracious Groomer will be mobile, second year our first shop and I have the location in mind, we will keep the van to pick up our regular customers and take them to shop.
Thanks again Rachel, you have helped all of my family on our way to a dream we all have. I will keep you up dated with our progress.

Take Care
Mandy and Luke(Gracious Groomers) x
(E.mail received August 2011 – Student Mandy Parker from Washington, UK completed the 10 day Groomers Course July 2011.)
Hope you are all well and your new students are enjoying their time at Posh Pets. I wanted to tell you that I came to Spain to do the Groomers Course as I wanted to get away from my chores and commitments at home so that I could give this my full attention. Also I wanted to have a bit of a holiday as well as learn a new skill. I was able to do just that. The training was brilliant, the accommodation was homely and comfortable, and the food was good....a bit too good as I am struggling to fit into my clothes lol!! I loved the pool area and especially enjoyed my treatments from Mandy.... I not only came home Mega chilled! but I also gained a Diploma!!! I can't believe I've been back nearly 2 weeks, how busy I have been...I've sorted out my business loan that should be through any day now, I will then able to order my equipment from the supplier who you recommended, their prices are brilliant. I've also got a plumber sorted to plumb in my bath, I've decided to go with your idea of having a large shower tray so I can do big and small dogs. Can't wait to get started. I have 3 customers already waiting!! Once again thank you for everything, thank Les for the lovely beetroot salad and freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning and thank you to Jaz for the colourful conversation at dinner time (keep up the dancing Jaz) I have to say I fell in love with Bonny (she was my favourite) but love to all the animals XXX I will keep you updated. Oh by the way thank you for returning my bag. Love to ALL
Email received 9th June 2011 from Julie Bowles
I found the standard of teaching & all the information very overwhelming in the beginning but it all came together in the end. Very good teaching!! I am confident with the grooming techniques I have learnt & was very impressed with the in depth teaching. I was very happy with the range of pets we used, I know I will have to refer back to my notes to remember techniques but with my photos & notes I am confident & cannot wait to get started. I am very happy to use all the grooming equipment I have been shown, Rachel was very helpful & offered me lots of useful tips & advice. The onsite accommodation was lovely; I loved the dogs outside my room & the cats out on the Terrace, I felt very at home, I was made to feel very welcome especially by Jasmine. I enjoyed the meals.......very good cooks! Before I came to do this 10 day Groomers Course I had barely any grooming experience, I now feel very pleased with everything I have learnt. It has been an intensive course & I have struggled at times with my confidence. I strive for perfect results each time but what I have learnt in 10 days is amazing & I know I am capable of becoming a good Dog Groomer in time. I am pleased with everything but I could not have done it without the help of an excellent trainer. Thank you so much Rachel for your patience & kindness. It has been so lovely to meet you. Xxxxx
Claire Tarran ( Newcastle UK) Completed a 10 day Groomers Course 28th May 2011.
I found the standard of teaching Excellent, the grooming techniques were daunting at first but my confidence grew daily. We had a wide range of breeds but I would have liked to have squeezed in a Schnauzer or a Bichon Frise. I will definitely be able to clip & scissor pets on my own though now I have completed the course. I am confident with the variety of grooming tools & equipment used. I have learnt a lot of useful tips from Rachel & some very good business advise which I will definitely put into place. The accommodation was very comfortable, very clean & homely. Good home cooked meals, loved the grapefruits & freshly squeezed oranges from the orchard in the mornings!!! The salon is beautiful, very impressed. You are a hard working family. I was able to relax in my free time & digest the information; I got more than I needed from the course, not just grooming techniques but lots of business ideas. The Course gives you every bit of information you need to become a Dog Groomer, it does exactly what it says. I have everything I needed out of the Course, thank you Rachel. X
Julie Bowles ( Walsall, West Midlands UK) Completed 10 day Groomers Course 28th May 2011.
The standard of teaching was excellent which has given me the confidence to start my own business, the speed of tuition was good as the “ hands on “ approach is a much better way of learning grooming techniques & it gave me a lot of confidence. I was happy with the variety of dogs/breeds used for training, I have now good grounding in nearly all the grooming techniques required, I am confident to clip & scissor pets in my own environment & I am confident in using all the equipment correctly. I am in the process of starting my own business & without the in depth knowledge & know how I received on the course I would not have been able to get started.
The accommodation was good with an excellent shower room, the food was fabulous & I am still trying to get the weight off I put on during my three weeks. No improvements Excellent. I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive when I started & wondered what I had done after the first day but that soon changed with Rachel’s help, advice & cajoling I was enjoying every minute. By the end I knew I had done the right thing & now looking forward to starting my business “Absolutely Pawfect”. A Big thank you to Mandy as well. I am so pleased I chose Posh Pets Spain as my place of training. I know I have received the best grounding I could have for my future, a big thank you to Les who showed me how to handle cats correctly, Mandy for all her help & thanks Rachel & Jasmine you were so good to me & made my stay really enjoyable. Love to all the dogs & cats.
June Eidlestein from Salisbury, Wiltshire completed the three week Professional Groomers Course in April 2011
I found the standard of teaching very high, it was excellent. I am confident in grooming & clipping techniques. The speed of teaching was good. I am now confident in using the wide variety of grooming tools & equipment. There was a very good mixture of breeds for training & I do not feel I have missed anything, I am raring to go!!! I have now a business structure in mind with your help. I feel that I have learnt an awful lot even more than I had ever imagined I could, I hope I remember it all!!!
My aim is to keep up the high standards set by Posh Pets Spain – Doggroomingcourses.net.
Derek Frazer = Castillo de Locubin, Jaen, Spain February 2011. (3 week professional Groomers Course)
I found the course great & the standard of teaching was fantastic, I was very surprised. I feel that I am confident now with grooming techniques. It was good also the patience you had with me, I think if it was someone who had not got patience I would not have succeeded. I was happy with the range of pets & I do not think anything was missed, I am now ready to clip & scissor myself. I feel confident with all the variety of tools that we used, I just need to get more confident with the nail clippers using them on black nails. I have a business structure set up now already. I think everything was great, I am pleased and confident and also pleased at what I have achieved. I think I will do great with it all. THANK YOU. I would just like to say thank you for helping me, I never expected as much help as I got. The course and being a groomer is not as easy as I thought it would be. This is not an easy profession to be in.
Lauren Keeble, Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain November, 2010 ( Our youngest student to date at 16 years old). Three week Professional Grooming Course
The teaching on this course was excellent and I was taught to a good standard, after completion of the course I felt confident, I enjoyed the fact that we started practising on day one. The range of pets was excellent, I feel I can work on any breed now with confidence, I can scissor & clip with no problems. We were shown how to use all the tools necessary with lots of practise & with all types of equipment. After completing this course I was more than happy to start on my own having learnt so much.
I have more than achieved my goal, I enjoyed the course very much, everyone was very helpful, it was a great environment to train in, and in fact I did not want it to end!!
The course has completely changed my life, I really enjoy my work in dog grooming, it is a real pleasure, even the difficult ones, it is always a challenge. Thank you
Berwyn Jones, Fuengirola, Spain July 2010- Three week Professional Groomers Course
Hi Rachel, I'm doing really well, I have almost 200 hundred customers and getting more everyday. Thanks for all your help whilst I was staying with you, you taught me everything I needed to know xxxx ( snippet of email sent March 2011)
Layla Goudarznia from London attended the 10 day Groomers Course July 2010
The standard of teaching was excellent, just what I wanted. I really needed hands on experience rather than taking notes/ theory. I feel confidentnow grooming dogs but I know that my confidence will grow more with experience, The speed of teaching was great, I wanted to get stuck into it straight away which is what happened. I am definitely happy with the range of breeds and also I am very glad I had the chance to groom cats, I would never have done that in England if I had not have experienced it. I am eager to get back home & get stuck in. I was shown how to use the equipment well, I still do not feel completely happy with nail clippers but that is because of my own nervousness. I have learnt what I needed to learn & a lot more than I expected!!! I was very happy with the accommodation, I loved the interior; the food here was incredible.....I feel very confident & eager to get started with my business. Thank you so much for teaching me everything, I have learnt so much and more. I cannot imagine how terrible I would have been if I had gone elsewhere!
Ella France : Student from Whitby, Yorkshire - course September 28th, 2009
We are now back in sizzling Dubai and it is great to see all the animals again. Poor little Max was put straight onto the grooming table and I had to clip off most of his fur (except his head and tail) because he was completely matted after not having been brushed for six weeks but I was so confident.
I just want to say once again a big 'thank you' for all your hospitality and training.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt an awful lot. Thanks once again for everything.
Kind regards
WENDY FOX from Dubai - Student July 2009
I am so excited I am getting really busy now; you told me I was born to be a dog groomer. I love it. Thank you so much
Samantha Jones from Estepona, Spain completed the course May 2007
I took a years grooming course at college but I felt I only gained basic grooming experience, there were too many students per dog and never gained the confidence that you have given me. Your ten day10 intense course has set me off in the right direction I am now working from home in my converted garage and I can now work round my little boy, you have given me the confidence that I needed. Thank you
Emma Owen from Bedfordshire completed the course in October 2007
You have given me inspiration, you work so hard and have accomplished so much I hope that I when I set up in the UK I will take a leaf out of your book. Many thanks for all your understanding and patience – you are a star.
Sarah Salehi from Marbella Completed the course April 2007
You have been so kind and helpful madam. You have shown me how to understand dogs and how to handle them kindly. My family are very proud of me and we are now set up in New Delhi with a beautiful Dog Parlour I am already very busy as this is so new for India. Your home is very beautiful too and my accommodation with you was very comfortable – I love your swimming pool. You showed me much kindness I hope that one day I will be able to come over to Spain once again. Thank you for all your teaching.
Sharwan Kumar from New Dehli India completed the course September 2006
Dear Rachel, just to say thanks from the bottom of my heart, you taught me how to deal with customers as well as with the dogs – it is true it is the owners that are hard work. The “Dog Bible” that you have given me has been a great support for reference, I am scissoring many poodles now in Milan as there are many here and I did say to you that I would never be able to do it. You were right the 10 day course was just enough. I have been helping at our local rescue centre as you suggested which has given me much confidence and satisfaction. Thank you – you are a great inspiration and teacher. All the best for the future from a very satisfied customer!!
Imre Miguez from Milan, Italy completed the course in September 2005
Rachel as you well know before I came to you and completed the course I had never held a pair of scissors and was terrified, now Sam and myself 12 months down the line have our own grooming business with over 200 clients and we have a 3 week waiting list. We are now looking at expanding. We could not have done this without you and your continued support. Thank you so much.
Jocelyn Evans & Sam Russell from Wolverhampton completed the course in May 2005

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