Dog Grooming Training Courses in Spain

Our Dog Grooming Training School on the Costa del Sol, Spain is here to meet your personal ambitions and requirements. This way we can give you the flexibility to learn what you need to learn. We have been teaching our dog grooming training courses in Spain since 2004 from our superb dog grooming training salon based in Alhaurin El Grande in Andalucia, Spain. We certainly lead where others follow.

One of the most common statements that our students say when they come on one of our dog grooming training courses is:

 “I cannot believe how much we are taught even on day one, I never imagined I would be holding, let alone using scissors & clippers even on the first day  when I enrolled on this two week grooming course”.....

The fact that you are looking to come to the Costa del Sol in Spain to train to be a dog groomer in the first instance means that you have “true grit & determination” & you want to follow a dream; we will help you fulfil & achieve your dream which will possibly change your life. Yes our dog grooming training courses are structured but we listen to you and assess your abilities as a groomer so that we can formulate a plan to maximise the time you spend learning from us. Dependent on your requirements we tailor the grooming course to suit your individual needs and future plans. We have the ability to teach all aspects of dog grooming. We listen to what you want to achieve and match the suitable elements of dog grooming, with your experience and ability, to piece together a plan of action to guarantee you achieve your success as a dog groomer.

We advise students not to buy any main equipment before training with us, we can then advise which tools will suit your potential salon or mobile van.

We are able to give even more help for those students that come on the 10 day Groomers Course or the 15 day Professional Groomers Course, as in conjunction with a leading Dog Grooming supplier in the UK we can knock a massive 12% off your Grooming starter kit!!!!

One Day Taster or Pet Owner day course – 10.00am-3.30pm

A pet grooming course specially designed for pet owners to learn to groom their own breed or to enable students considering the longer grooming courses to get a feel for the work and a greater understanding of pet grooming before entering into a commitment.
For pet owners this will enable them to leave with the confidence to groom their pets; it also enables you to understand which grooming tools are best for your particular pet.  For students, although the limitation of just one-day imposes a restriction on the depth of grooming tuition, they will carry out enough practical work, under professional instruction, to get a fair idea of the involvement needed.

All overalls & grooming equipment supplied during the course.
Please ensure you wear flat sensible footwear not sandals or flip flops. Bring a note pad, pen & a camera!!

The Groomers Course – Two weeks (10 day practical tuition)

The Groomers Pet Grooming Course is our most popular designed for a career in “Pet Grooming”. Only 1 - 2 students are taken on for each course.  This ensures a “one-on-one” training for each student with hands on training in a real working salon.  The benefit of taking on a small number of students for each class ensures that each student reaches a high level of clipping and grooming techniques and enables us to cover the most common breeds of dogs.
Your course will focus on the preparation of dogs for styling and you will gain experience in a wide variety of breeds. You will be taught not only all the basic pet grooming skills and will learn how to use all of the specialised equipment but you  will  be taught clipping and scissoring techniques whilst gaining experience of a wide variety of breed trims. You will work under constant supervision from our experienced staff that will do everything possible to assist you throughout your learning curve so that you gain confidence. This course provides you with the skills needed to groom and style a dog, and is also a progression route towards achieving the City and Guilds Advanced Certificate.

This course is designed to teach you about:

  • Assessing your dog
  • Basic Pet health checks
  • Preparing a dog - Pre bath routines
  • Different bathing techniques
  • Correct bathing procedures
  • Correct drying procedures (with forced air blaster)
  • Identifying skin conditions
  • What shampoos to use (and not to use)
  • Why is it important to Bath correctly
                                  Dry correctly
                                  Groom out correctly
  • De-matting Techniques
  • Dry correctly
  • Groom out correctly
  • Identifying and use of hand tools
  • Maintenance and repair (to save you money)
  • Understanding Pet Behaviour
  • Making your dogs experience at the salon enjoyable
  • Pet Handling,  lifting and restraining dogs
  • Using a wide variety of blades for styling as well as clipping
  • Basic clips
  • Clip offs
  • Clipper techniques
  • Setting pattern lines
  • Trimming and Shaping using scissors and thinning scissors
  • Use of scissors and thinners for feet
  • Using toe blades (e.g. poodle feet)
  • How to use clippers to remove hair between pads
  • Introduction to Hand Stripping
  • Making bows
  • Checking and emptying anal glands
  • Cleaning ears
  • When and how to pluck ears
  • Health and Safety in the grooming salon
  • Uses of grooming equipment
  • Pet handling, lifting and restraining dogs
  • Brushing and de-matting using appropriate tools
  • Cutting nails and dew claws.
  • Using shampoos and treatments
  • Dealing with Parasites
  • Basic care of equipment

You will receive our "training bible" that will give you all the help you may need when you set off on your own. Our bible has been put together over the years therefore is a major asset to you & your new career. Contact details for suppliers of equipment and lists of equipment - both essential and desirable - to start your own business will be included in this Bible.

All overalls & grooming equipment supplied during the course Please ensure you wear flat sensible footwear not sandals or flip flops. Bring a note pad, pen & a camera!!

The Professional Career Course (15 day Course)

This course is for the person who wants to change their direction in life, be their own boss and work their own hours. With the willingness to work and a love of animals this business can be run successfully from home or commercial environment. This course is designed to provide you with a complete foundation for owning or running a grooming / pet business.

The Professional grooming course:

We will take you through all the basic skills already described on the Groomers Course PLUS your training will be enhanced with:

Cat grooming:

At our salon we also specialise in cat grooming without sedation, working for short periods of time, guided by the cat's nature and allowing for rest in between each session.

Most mats can be combed out but in the most severe cases, clipping off may be the only option; we provide & teach you clips such as the “lion clip”.

You will be shown:

  • How to handle cats
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning Full groom & Mat removal or Clip
  • Full Lion clips
  • Bathing (if required)

Teeth Cleaning for Dogs- Tartar removal

Without the use of sedation you will learn how to handle dogs to allow you to clean teeth and the safe removal of tartar

Canine Massage

You will be assessing and working with a dog model under our guidance, to ensure you are confident and able to perform professional massage techniques safely and correctly so you can benefit dogs health for years to come. This is a Beginners introduction Guide To Canine Massage and truly is a full day of hands on work with your dog model while you learn and put into practice how to improve dogs mobility, comfort levels and quality of life.

First Aid for Pets

Simple instructions and procedures for providing emergency first aid if your pet client is suffering from poisoning, seizures, broken bones, bleeding, burns, shock, heatstroke, choking or other urgent medical problems. A few simple steps can better prepare you to help your pet in first aid situations

Holistic Natural Treatments & Products to use in your salon ( Making your own products)

Why not make your own products? Why not go holistic? With the experience and knowledge we have we will be able to help you produce natural products and treatments using only the safest ingredients that you can use in your salon and even prepare for retail.

Diet & Nutrition

A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping a dog healthy. Learn what you should be feeding a dog at every stage of its life. This will help aid in maintaining a healthy skin & coat avoiding flaky dry skins that are only masked with conditioner sprays in the Grooming Salon.

Beyond the skills of grooming you will be given help to marketing, development, we will ensure you save money choosing the right products for marketing as well as grooming supplies. Contact details for suppliers of equipment, and lists of equipment - both essential and desirable - to start your own business.

We will go through pricing structures and record keeping. Reciprocal links to our website which may help increase rankings, status & traffic to your site as well as promoting your new business on our own Face book page.

This course can be taken in blocks of two - 1 x 10 days & 1 x 5 days to fit in with family and work commitments Overalls and all equipment can be supplied during the course.

Please ensure you wear flat sensible footwear not sandals or flip flops. Bring a note pad, pen & a camera!!


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